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Furthermore, the bot is easy to use and is available for free. The platform offers a classic GRID bots, DCA bot. Moreover, you can get started by simply selecting a strategy and investing funds into your KuCoin account. The bot allows you to enjoy free trading strategies. Intelligent rebalance bot, etc. Kucoin bot is available on Android as well as iOS. However, you can use KuCoin’s bot only through its mobile application. KuCoin is a leading cryptocurrency exchange, and it has recently launched its trading bot.

imageYou can also run up to 10 bots simultaneously and do not need to pay a third party for trading bots. It buys low and sells high in a specific price range. However, the classic GRID supports trading only in the spot market. Futures GRID – Futures grid is an upgraded version of the classic grid bot. These efforts mitigate the effects of market volatility in the long run. If you don’t want Kucoin’s native Grid bots, then check our out these Grid bots.

However, since futures trading works on leverage, this bot can lead to liquidation risks in extreme market conditions. Margin GRID – Just like futures grid, margin trading crypto trade bot implements grid strategy on margin trading. It implements the buy short and sells high strategy on futures. However, you must not leverage high positions as a margin grid bot can also put you in high risks akin to margin trading. If you have any type of questions concerning where and the best ways to use crypto bot, you can call us at our own site. You can leverage your funds and magnify your profits with less determination. Infinity GRID – In the infinity grid, the price never goes beyond your preset conditions or boundaries.

imageSmart rebalance/ dynamic rebalancing – Portfolio rebalancing is a classic strategy that has been in use for decades. Also checkout Bitsgap future grid bots. Classic GRID – Classic GRID is a trading strategy that aims to generate profits from the fluctuations in the market. DCA – DCA or dollar-cost averaging is one of the best investment strategies in which the funds are divided, and then the bots invest it based on a pre-fixed time cycle.

The bot in this strategy buys and crypto trade bot bot sells assets to keep your portfolio balanced. The strategy can be used for swing trading or scalping. Approx 173 lines of pine script. It has 7 optional indicators. Selling my main scalping pine script strategy. The script is for long positions only. Cryptocurrencies are the TOP source of income as they’re growing rapidly. Deposit BTC or altcoins and while you are increasing profits with BinBotPro, your deposit will grow independent of your trading results.

Full explanation of how the algorithm works 2. Including API setup for Kucoin sub-accounts, Autotrade Setup, and running the script on trading view. Support all the way to set up and automate your trades for Kucoin. Get push notifications on Telegram.

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